Our Story

Designed in the U.S. Created in Nepal using ancient weaving and dying techniques. Designed and constructed with modern, everyday life in mind.

Burning Heart

Imagine each morning approaching a beautiful old Tibetan wardrobe. In it is everything you need to go out into the world, to be comfortable, prepared, and beautifully dressed. Maybe there are also a few keepsakes. Photographs, special things from far off places.

Simplicity is the task before you.

We believe getting dressed should be effortless and done with ease of conscience. We create quality, naturally-dyed clothing that is produced in an ecologically and ethically responsible way. Each piece is designed to empower you to connect with the environment—the natural, the human-made, all the intersections in between.

Natural Color

Our clothing is truly naturally dyed—as in, Nepali-women-gathering-roots-in-the-forest naturally dyed. The process is beautiful both in practice and result, providing fair wages to locals without releasing synthetic dyes into the environment.

This choice means we don't produce the same intense, potent hues as more common, toxic coloring processes yield, but we're at peace with that.

We believe it's time to change how we value fashion. It's not only about a garment’s look; it's about how it's made.

History Meant to Last

Our clothing is woven by hand, and we are constantly searching for ways to continue incorporating the human touch into its creation, down to the very thread. We do this because we believe there is a kind of life in each piece as it's created, and life in each piece after it's sold. Each garment bears the trace of the person who had a hand in making it. Each will bear the trace of the person who wears it for years to come.

Color fades, collars wear out and need repair. Everything that lasts a long time exhibits the testimony of its passing. There’s a real beauty to this. Our clothing is meant to become part of your history, part of who you are.

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