Garment Care

Natural Dyes:

Perhaps the main distinction that separates Burning Heart from other sustainable, socially conscious, clothing companies, is our use of natural colors. Some clothing companies use low-impact dyes, but even still, "color" seems to be the last thing even ecologically conscientious people are willing to let go of.

That being said, these natural colors we use are delicate and necessitate a bit more care and consciousness in order to preserve their vibrancy.

Wash less often. Wash separately. Use cold water. Use a gentle, natural, detergent. Iron inside-out. Makes sense, right? While our fabrics are strong, our colors are subtle, and need to be cared for according to their nature.

Natural color is sensitive to sunlight in a way that synthetic colors aren't. Which may seem unusual or irksome, but considering that the way we are coloring clothing is the way people have been doing it for thousands and thousands of years.... Well, the point is, yes, go outside, get in the elements, live your life, just, at the end of the day, it's best to keep a naturally-dyed product in a dark closet or dresser drawer.

Nettle Products:

Some of our garments are made with the Stinging Nettle plant, a traditional fiber, gathered from the forests of Nepal. Fabric made from this fiber is extremely durable, yet softens and shapes itself over time in a way that is quite remarkable.

Again, as mentioned above: Wash less often. Wash separately. Use cold water. Use a gentle, natural, detergent. But more notably, do not be shocked upon seeing how shrunken and shriveled your garment looks after washing. It is to be expected. We pre-wash all of our fabrics so have no fear that your garment has become remarkably smaller. All that is required is a good hard, hot, pressing with an iron (preferably inside-out) and all will seem well again. The beauty of this dynamic, is that this fabric will relax and conform to your body over time, making this bit of effort so worthwhile.

In the spirit of transparency and full disclosure:

At Burning Heart Clothing we are constantly striving to make sustainable, socially responsible clothing. We adhere to some very lofty ideals. One facet though we weren't able to address in our initial batch of products was the use of synthetic interfacing in some of our hems and plackets. We are working tirelessly for a natural and reasonable alternative, and expect this issue to be resolved quickly. Still, we wanted disclose this issue, because transparency in what we do is one of our key values.