Jomsom Jacket, Natural


This coat is made with cotton and nettle. It is hand woven in such a way that the cotton is on the inside, for comfort; while the nettle is on the outside, for durability. It tends to gather and wrinkle when washed, then relax back into shape when worn; so that over time it comes to fit one amazingly well.

This fabric is our first attempt at making a true, Himalayan denim. The idea being that one could wear this coat everyday for at least ten years if one so wanted.

The color is natural, allowing for all the subtle variations of the nettle hues to come through.

Pockets made with natural colored organic cotton.

Dyed buffalo bone buttons.

Wash separately and sparingly, when necessary.  Either by hand, or on a gentle machine setting, with a natural cleanser. Air dry. 

After washing, this jacket will need a good, hot, ironing. Iron inside out.